HERBEX Ltd. make  goodnoni®
  in Fiji, the noni juice brand you can trust!
 Cerrtificates and Credentials.
 goodnoni for Europe wide distribution
 Noni, von Mutter Natur gemixt, zum Wohl
 Noni, Cheers,  it’s nature’s own cocktail
 Noni. . . . zumo de Noni
 Noni. . . . goodnoni® in China
 Kava-Kava Products  relax!
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Certificates and Credentials
 Current Food Manufacturer License
 Current Organic Certification
 Current HACCP compliance
 250 Agricultural Residues
 Heavy Metals Levels (1)
 Heavy Metals Levels (2)
 Microbial Analysis
 Nutrients Contents
 Patulin (1)
 Patulin (2)
 Novel Food EU Approval (1)
 Novel Food EU Approval (2)
 Certificate of Origin
 Certificate of Health
 Certificate of Free Sale

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