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You request a quotation from the computer.
You are free to change the quotation at any time.
You may increase, delete or decrease the number of items in the quotation.
The quotation will show the price for the items and the freight and any discounts.
As soon as you accept the quotation, the computer will ask you to enter the delivery details, this is your address, credit card details and telephone contact.
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First Step:     The computer will give you a quote..

This simply means, you enter the quantity of kava you wish to be quoted for in the "Quantity:" field.
Example: If you enter 1.5 then this means the computer will quote for 1.5 kilo gram and will calculate the freight.
Then click your left mouse key on the "Make me a Quote" field once.
The computer will then show you a list of contries. Select the country to send the consignment to. This is required to calculate the freight.
Then you will see the price for the kava and for the freight cost.
You may now change the quantity of any item(s) or ask the computer to quote for additional items.
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Kava prices per kg in US Dollars for kava powder from roots

One kg [kilo gramm] is close to 2 lb and 3 oz
QUANTITY [kg]   POWDER per kg  
up to 0.250 55.00
up to 0.500 50.00
up to 1.000 45.00
up to 2.500 41.00
up to 5.000 35.00
up to 7.500 33.00
up to 10.000 30.00
up to 30.000 26.00
up to 50.000 23.00
up to 100.000 21.00
up to 250.000 19.00
more than 250.000 17.00
Prices include the cost of the Phytosanitary Certificate
(required at the point of import).

    Pounded Kava Root Powder (waka).   

Enter Weight: [KG]
kava pounder
Kava Pounder

Import duties may be levied in some countries.

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