Herbex Ltd.    customers are served by our friendly staff. You and your problems are always welcome and treated in an honest way. You are the most important part of our business. We are far away from you, yet very close as we use modern communication equipment. E-mail, fax and phone numbers are listed on the bottom of each page.
Herbex Ltd.    supplies duty free into EU.
The EU states have agreed to provide duty free import access for goods from developing countries.
Each consignment into the EU is therefore inspected and certified by our Customs Authorities. Inspection fees are charged to our company, the certificate is attached to each consignment.
If you order from us, you will find one item on the quote that is called EUR 1, this is the certificate. We charge the customer our cost of Customs inspection. For orders where the goods value is more than FJD700.00 we carry the cost of inspection.
The EUR 1 will be shipped to the importing shipping company for custom clearance of your goods.
Herbex Ltd.    Transport
Fiji is a small island nation in the middle of a large ocean. Transportation is limited to five airlines and eleven shipping lines. Because sea freight to the northern hemisphere takes between 4 - 5 weeks (Japan, Korea, USA, Canada) and 10 - 12 weeks (Europe), most of our products are sent by air freight. This is far more expensive than by sea, but it takes only 3 - 5 days until the goods arrive at your doorstep.

Australia and New Zealand are our close neighbors which have reasonably low freight rates for air cargo.
Customs clearance in some countries may take another 1 - 2 days.
Herbex Ltd. ship    by air
The Herbex company is about 40 km from the international airport in Nadi. Air freight is collected twice daily by DHL and TNT. Several flights are leaving to New Zealand and Australia every day. Japan, Korea, USA, Canada is served several times per week. Air cargo is expensive and most airlines charge extra airport security fees. You will find air freight rates in each quotation, so you will know the exact cost of buying our products.
Herbex Ltd. ship    by sea
Lautoka, the town where Herbex Ltd operates has its own sea port. Vessels that take freight to the northern hemisphere leave twice per week. All cargo is transshipped in New Zealand or Australia, from there shipping routes to Europe are mainly via Singapore with stops in many ports before Europe is reached.

Cost of sea freight is about one third of the cost of air freight, this is port to port. Extra charges for land transport in the country of destination might occur. Transit time to Europe is 10 - 12 weeks, to USA and Canada 3 - 4 weeks, to Australia and New Zealnd 1 - 2 weeks.
Herbex Ltd.    Tracking
Air freight that is shipped by DHL or TNT can be tracked on its way to the customer. Both companies offer tracking function on their web sites. If you visit their respective web sites TNT or DHL you will find the entry page to track your consignment.

We will send you the airway bill number that is required for tracking by e-mail, as soon as your cargo leaves our premises. It may however take up to 12 hours later before the AWB number appears in TNT's or DHL's system for tracking.
Herbex Ltd.    In case there is a problem ...
... record the problem with the delivery company on the delivery docket, do make a note of any torn cartons or missing items.
... contact us as soon as possible. Our service does not stop once your consignment has left our premises. Unfortunately, transport problems are a fact of life and business. We do our best to use very strong cartons and our PET bottles do not break and can stand some rough treatment. In case you have reason to complain, please make your first complaint to the transport company when you sign the delivery note. mention your complaint on the delivery note and initialize it. If you think we should know about your complaint, please do send an email, we are happy to help.

Do not wait and hope the problem goes away; problems don't go away, they are here to be solved.

Herbex Ltd.    refund policy ...
... is generous. If you find our product is not what we offered on our web site, we will refund you the full purchase price. Please check your order thoroughly before you send it to us. We refund the cost of goods if you return them in original packing at your expense. For any goods returned we reduce the amount to be refunded by FJD100.00 which is the cost of handling returned goods at our end, e.g. customs processing, domestic freight and handling charges.
After you ordered from us, you will receive an order confirmation by e-mail, please check it carefully and send us an e-mail immediately if you find the order is in error. Apart from this, our web site order process has features that allow you to change the order quantity, in case a mistake was made.